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Francine Prose, Goldengrove


Franz Wright, “Night Walk”

“When I was little, people would come up to me and do karate chops and say, ‘Oh, you’re Chinese, you must know karate.’ I hated that.”

In defiance of childhood taunts, Liu took up karate, Thai boxing and kali-escrima pentjak silat (knife and stick fighting). “So,” she says, “if someone asks me if I know karate, I can say, ‘Yeah, I do, and I can kick your ass.’“ 


8 ghibli gifs: porco rosso (kurenai no buta)


Yoshida Hiroshi (1876-1950): Udaipur Palace (1931)

Woodblock print

via: Vintage India


Birth of a Book

Beautiful video of traditional pre-press, offset print to produce hand-bound books.

Glen Milner produced this book-binding vignette at Smith-Settle Printers in Leeds, England as the binders bound Suzanne St Albans’ Mango and Mimosa.