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Rapunzel’s Bedroom and Tower concept art

Claire Keane | Digital

For those familiar with Tangled concept art, none of these lovely digital watercolor paintings are new, but they are among my favorite pieces of concept art. Claire Keane has such a unique style about her work, but what I love most about her artwork is that is very flexible about her style, so that her art has many different looks to it. She can produce these digital watercolors, or amazing digital oil paintings, or real paintings on walls, cellos, or canvases, and she even developed Rapunzel’s style of painting (and thus, much of Rapunzel’s character).

Below are links to to the largest (and best quality) copies of the paintings above that I can find [with their dimensions in brackets]:

Rapunzel’s Bedroom 005 [2000 x 1392]

Rapunzel’s Bedroom 003 [2000 x 1395]

Rapunzel’s Bedroom 002 [1500 x 1576]

Rapunzel’s Bedroom 001 [2000 x 2090]

Rapunzel’s Bedroom 006 [2000 x 1635]

Fireplace 003 [2000 x 1555]

Fireplace 0012 [2000 x 1559]

Fireplace 002 [2000 x 1554]

Fireplace 004 [2000 x 1635]

Source: (hi-res images); except “Rapunzel’s Bedroom 003,” “Fireplace 003,” “Fireplace 004,” for which I could not find the original source. I think I got it off of the Disney Canalblog (, which has since made private, so I uploaded them myself to Flickr. “Fireplace 0012,” “Rapunzel’s Bedroom 005,” “Rapunzel’s Bedroom 006,” and “Rapunzel’s Bedroom 003” are also featured in The Art of Tangled, pg 54-55

Names of the images are taken from the original files, which can be seen in the links, except the ones I uploaded myself, which were named as follows: “ckeanerapzbedroom003” (“Rapunzel’s Bedroom 003”), “fireplace003” (“Fireplace 003”), and “fireplace004” (“Fireplace 004”).

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